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WCRS brought romance and nostalgia to the bakery aisle with their latest Warburtons ad, ‘Pride & Breadjudice’, starring Peter Kay as an unlikely Romantic hero. 

The 180-second advert, which premiered in the UK in a special one-off slot, parodies the classic period drama and forms part of the brand’s newest integrated campaign which seeds consumers with a taste of Warburtons’ family heritage.

The creative sees Peter Kay pitch his concept for a steamy TV costume drama to Jonathan Warburton in his office. Telling the story of Warburtons’ beginnings as a family business, Peter puts himself in the lead role of Thomas Warburton. Thomas is a seed salesman who falls in love with bakery enthusiast Ellen. Amidst a flurry of frilly shirts, top hats, horse riding, clichés, and even some suggestive kneading, they bond over the creation of Warburtons’ Seeded Batch loaf. All the while, Peter brings the story to life using a combination of his much-loved comedic humour and taking inspiration from the nation’s favourite literary and on-screen lotharios.

The latest campaign follows in the footsteps of previous Warburtons’ campaigns– The Deliverers featuring Sylvester Stallone, and The Giant Crumpet Show featuring the Muppets – which signalled a significant change in the bakery sector's approach to advertising and highlighted the commitment of the UK’s leading bakery brand to growing the category.