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Faced with a UK blood donation crisis, in 2015 WCRS and MHP launched the Missing Type campaign, helping NHS Blood and Transplant address a decade long decline in new donor registrations.

Tasked with launching the ‘tricky second album’ in the campaign’s second year, we took the idea global.

We recognised that around the world, blood donation is in dangerous decline, with millions of lives under threat as a result of the decrease in new registrations. So to tackle the problem, we brought together 23 donor organisations from 21 different counties, including the USA, Australia, Singapore and Japan for the first global blood donor recruitment drive.

Rolled out in a domino effect across multiple time-zones, the letters of the blood groups A, B and O once again disappeared from signs, logos and social media profiles, while in the UK, we amplified the existing message with a haunting TV spot, produced by Trailer Park London.  

Iconic locations including the Sydney Opera House, Abbey Road and Times Square all lost the As Os and Bs from their signage, while the support of brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung and McDonald’s prompted hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world to join in on social media.

As a result, global news coverage exploded with #Missingtype listed as the number one Twitter trending topic in 10 different nations.

In England alone 25,000 new donors registered in just one week, smashing the client’s target. Meanwhile similarly massive spikes in participating nations around the world saw blood donation put firmly back on humanity’s agenda.