Our work

We create innovative, award-winning work for a diverse roster of clients, focusing on ideas not channels. We have a passionate desire to innovate, to push creative and business boundaries and to help our clients genuinely transform their businesses.


Deep Focus and Engine Media worked with ITO EN to launch matchaLOVE, a line of whole leaf green tea. The target, the young Millennial woman, lives an active lifestyle and believes she can do it all but she doesn’t have a go-to drink to help her stay present and in-the-moment throughout her day. Based on that insight, the team advised an ownable proposition – “gentle power” – which flies in the face of other energy drinks that provide sugar-packed jolts of artificial junk. A phased approach for the "Match Love. Stay Grounded." campaign across a variety of digital and social media channels leveraged data to optimize messaging and allocations and targeted profiles in real time. It was a success and the client LOVEd the results! In under three months, sales tripled and traffic to the site doubled.