Our work

We create innovative, award-winning work for a diverse roster of clients, focusing on ideas not channels. We have a passionate desire to innovate, to push creative and business boundaries and to help our clients genuinely transform their businesses.


To reinvigorate the potato chip category with something new and exciting, Lay’s launched a transformative chip form – Poppables, bite-sized, crispy, popped potato snacks with an open airy middle and seasoning inside and out. Using an animated pop-up book concept, Deep Focus  invited consumers into a fantastical world of new “poppabilities.” TV viewers followed the hero character, Julia, as she jumped from page to page – along with her favorite new snack. The animation was accompanied by a lyrical, Dr. Suess-ian narrator that educated the audience on Poppables’ unique features through the lens of Julia’s flavorful adventure. This whimsical theme, created for TV, extended across social media, display and point-of-sale and drove unprecedented trial and measurable business impact for the brand.