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Trailer Park produced an integrated marketing campaign for the theatrical release of summer blockbuster Jurassic World. As part of the campaign, the agency created an immersive, in-world website that treated the fictitious island as if it were a real theme park. 

Filled with thoughtful details, the site builds anticipation by showcasing everything the real Jurassic World would offer: hotels, attractions, time-reactive announcements, video feeds, and of course, dinosaurs. At the center of it all, an interactive map encourages users to explore Isla Nublar, location by location. The site is designed to promote repeat visits with locked sections and ongoing updates, plus advanced ticketing. RaptorPass membership provides exclusive content notifications before they are made public.

On the opening day, the live streaming park cams changed to show the chaos after the dinosaurs were set loose in the park.

The site has kept fans coming back, with visitors digging into the code to discover easter eggs, and every minor update generating a flurry of social media conversation and increased excitement for this summer's most anticipated blockbuster.