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No petrol was used in the making of this film.

Custom Hot Rods, 210mph superbikes, prototype hyper-cars, and a monster truck. These mean motors all have one thing in common. They’re electric.

As part of E.ON’s commitment to expanding its charging network across Europe, the global energy brand is challenging outdated observations about electric vehicles with our new film launching today, entitled ‘Freedom is Electric’.

Created by Engine team Partners Andrews Aldridge and WCRS, the film is set against a barren desert landscape, featuring a range of cars and bikes (and the world’s only electric monster truck) traditionally perceived to be gas-guzzling machines. In reality, these are all converted – or new-concept electric vehicles – running on volts rather than fossil fuels and charged using E.ON’s fast-charging points, which are accessible in thousands of locations across Europe, and coming soon to the UK.

It wasn’t just the cars that were electric – so was the film production, including camera rigs, tracking vehicles and drones.

Listen carefully, and you’ll notice something unusual about the sound of the engines. They’re made by electric guitars, painstakingly imitating the sound of V8s to hoodwink the audience into believing they’re real combustion engines.

This is the second global content episode delivered by global marketing services network Engine for E.ON following the successful first episode, which featured a solar collaboration between E.ON, Gorillaz and the sun.

Our film is part of E.ON’s new global brand position which reflects its desire to deliver innovative customer solutions that help create a better tomorrow. E.ON’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is part of a range of innovative new solutions for customers including solar and battery storage technology, smart appliances and intelligent homes.

For behind the scenes footage around the creation of the ‘Freedom is Electric’ film and E.ON’s Europe-wide charging network visit eon.com/freedomiselectric.