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E.ON x Gorillaz

In 2016, E.ON embarked on radical change—moving away from fossil fuel, rolling out a host of transformational customer service initiatives and committing to a new vision focused not on selling people energy, but on helping them use it better.

That change was critical for E.ON, but for millions of European energy users it couldn’t have been less interesting.

So an integrated Engine team comprised of WCRS, Partners Andrews Aldridge, Mischief and Slice worked closely together to tell E.ON’s stories is a completely unexpected, un-utility way. 

They created a new film, brought to life by the power of sun, featuring the track ’We Got The Power’"  from Gorillaz’ critically acclaimed new album, Humanz.

Set in the desert, the film features over 1,000 dancing toys, hundreds of light installations, giant tanks of illuminating squid, a squadron of flashing UFOs and a giant golden lucky cat – all powered entirely by solar and battery storage technology; a technology E.ON has now made available to UK consumers through its new E.ON Solar and Storage offering. 

Reaching over 59 million people with over 82.6million views, our film catapulted E.ON into popular culture. This resulted in a huge lift in brand (141%) and creative (97%) interest in the UK, with even higher spikes in other markets.

The film also paved the way for unveiling of the ‘E.ON Kong Solar Studio’, a concept based on the band’s original Kong Studios, which offers a solar and battery storage powered creative space for music projects. Using the power generated by E.ON solar PV panels, Gorillaz’ Kong Studios 2.0 comes to life at night and provide aspiring music artists the opportunity to create new tracks which appear online at eon.com/gorillaz.