Our work

We create innovative, award-winning work for a diverse roster of clients, focusing on ideas not channels. We have a passionate desire to innovate, to push creative and business boundaries and to help our clients genuinely transform their businesses.


With the holiday season fast approaching, eBay needed to show consumers that it’s more than just the internet’s yard sale – it’s the perfect place to get the perfect gift for your someone, including a wide variety of brand new merchandise. With this in mind, Moment Studio asked Facebook followers to wish bigger for their loved ones and showed them that when you shop on eBay, anything is possible.

Moment Studio orchestrated and captured the moment when one wish was selected for a very special surprise. The resulting video was watched more than 1.4 Million times, making it one of the most watched eBay Facebook video of all time. In addition, they created a wide variety of “Wisher Bigger” content that lived across all eBay social platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Imgur.