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Department for International Trade

Trade is vital for ensuring long term health of the UK economy so HM Government has committed to help 100,000 UK businesses to start exporting by 2020. As their strategic and creative partner, Engine were appointed to help mobilise the business community to achieve this.

The bull’s-eye target for communications was the group of SMEs who were not open to the idea of exporting. This group fully understood that exporting is good for business in general, but had decided it wasn’t right for their business. They didn’t believe there was any overseas demand for their product or service. We needed to turn this perception on its head and show them the reality; the demand is out there.

In addition, we needed to drive action by not just telling them about the demand but connecting them to export opportunities suitable for their business. 

To achieve this, a team of experts from WCRS, MHP, Fuel and Partners Andrews Aldridge did two things:

First, we designed an online hub that housed thousands of live export opportunities. Second, in the government's most ambitious campaign to date, we used live multi-channel communications to drive people directly to them. These two elements worked seamlessly and symbiotically. The multi-channel communications broadcast live opportunities pulled through from the newly rebuilt site, whilst simultaneously driving visits back to it.

Launched in November 2015, these are early days. However, at the end of 2015 there had been 247,000 visits to the new hub, and already 9,000 applications for individual export opportunities, over 40% of these are from businesses who have never previously exported. It’s clear the campaign is not just cutting through, but changing behaviour for the first time.