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We create innovative, award-winning work for a diverse roster of clients, focusing on ideas not channels. We have a passionate desire to innovate, to push creative and business boundaries and to help our clients genuinely transform their businesses.


Bananas are a healthy snack for people of all ages and a favorite amongst moms looking for something tasty, portable, and good for kids. As the industry leader and most recognized name in bananas, Chiquita has the unique opportunity to stand for healthy eating and habits. In early 2016, Chiquita partnered with Nickelodeon to launch a global initiative called “Go Out & Play” which encouraged families to drop their remotes, smart phones, and other digital devices, and go outside. Moment Studio created a series of assets for the campaign, including a video titled “Get In The Game. Go Out & Play.,” which features a family whose trip to the park is a dynamic video game, with Chiquita fueling the play. This video and other campaign assets were localized into 30 languages and ran in more than 50 countries.