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Space tech, robotic priests and malware blankets - September's 'Future Now'



Welcome to September's edition of ‘Future Now’ – a curated collection of the coolest creative tech stories we spotted this month.

There's a big focus on space tech including the world’s first ‘orbital hotel’, designs for Virgin Galactic's new spaceport, and a DJ set live-streamed from the International Space Station. Back on planet Earth we've covered bionic clothing, malware blankets and a startup that's creating protein from thin air.

From the virtual world we showcase the mobile phone you can control using gestures, a voice skill that understands regional accents, and augmented reality walking directions from Google. Plus the latest 'phygital' developments - robotic priests and pole dancers, and a three-foot long wearable tail.

We’ve given you instant access to the first five stories, which you can download here.

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Creative Technology