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Speaking To Future Creatives

07TH JUNE 2019


On the 4th of June I was fortunate enough to be invited to give a short presentation at The Compass Secondary School in Bermondsey. The invitation was extended by Future Frontiers – a fantastic organization that “works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to transform their relationship with learning by supporting them with the guidance and networks they need to make clear connections between their aspirations and education”. The Compass School is equally committed to equipping their pupils with the information, inspiration and support needed to start making their way in the world of work, and work closely with Future Frontiers to that end.  

I was asked to shape my presentation into three sections.

1 Inform – tell pupils what your company does and what your job involves

2 Inspire – help pupils see the importance of hard work and resilience

3 Promote – showcase the opportunities your industry has to offer

I gave my presentation to around fifty Year Nine pupils, many of whom had expressed an interest in working in the creative industries and all of whom will be undertaking a week’s work experience in November. The presentation was followed by a short Q&A session which comprised questions about handling a PR crisis, what is my ‘greatest career achievement’ and ‘how much do you get paid?’ (of course!). I was then given a tour of the school where I witnessed at first hand the passion and enthusiasm of both the pupils and teachers for creating a positive school environment.

It was an enriching experience and one which re-enforced for me the vital importance of creating opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds in our industry.


Gregory Jones, Creative Director