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How Engine relaunched the MoneySuperMarket brand

11TH MARCH 2019


This weekend, Engine’s new campaign for MoneySuperMarket launched. The culmination of almost a year’s worth of work, this is more than just a campaign but a rebrand that stretches from a completely new visual and verbal brand identity, to a refreshed product experience as well as a new approach to both advertising and communications strategy. And all is anchored on the new creative platform of Money Calm.

When we won the pitch to start working with MoneySuperMarket in the summer of 2018 the business was already well on the way to a repositioning - developing new tools and revamping the customer experience to deliver a more personalised relationship between customers and MoneySuperMarket and to give them more ways to save money. But their communications still very much placed them in the realm of price comparison sites - they called on Engine to help them to overhaul how they communicate and to support them in their strategy to future-proof their business.

A diverse team and collaborative approach

The task required a multi-disciplinary team from across Engine, bringing together a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. The core team included creative leadership from advertising, branding and experience design backgrounds, as well as strategic leadership from brand planning, media and communications strategy and customer experience skill areas. Engine believes in the value of bringing together diverse skills in this way and that it was able to bring together a team of experts across the areas that the project was hugely beneficial.

It also enabled us to quickly build a collaborative way of working with experts at MoneySuperMarket across brand, experience and product design. For us to so quickly embed ourselves at MoneySuperMarket as part of their teams working together was key to the success of delivering such a major brand transformation.

As our client Darren Bentley, Chief Customer Officer at MoneySuperMarket, commented in Marketing Week on the launch:

“The way we’ve been able to align the brand and product roadmap and bring the experience together behind the brand relaunch, in support of a business strategy, is the first time since I’ve been with the group that they’ve been as aligned as they are now. Engine played a vital role in achieving that.”

A new brand platform and launch campaign

The new brand platform is built on the insight – identified through extensive consumer research conducted over three years – that everyone experiences financial anxiety in different ways, but the wonderful calm feeling of being in control of your finances is universal. And it allows us to place at the heart of everything they do and say across their product experience and communications, the aim to remove sources of financial anxiety. To Get Money Calm.

The first TV ads are directed by MJZ’s Mattijs Van Heinigen (The Thing, Samsung VR Ostrich 2017), with the launch ad involving a 150-person crew and set rigged and tilted on a 50-tonne crane, as well as a team of skydiving stunt artists filming mid-air. Oscar-winning Framestore (who did the CGI for Paddington Bear) partnered with Engine on post-production and creative direction. We have also recruited BAFTA-winning comedian Matt Berry as the voice of Money Calm.

We are also working with MoneySuperMarket on their first ever high impact out-of-home and press campaign. Partnering with Framestore to create bold DOOH which showcases the new logo and beautifully crafted brand identity assets, we will be launching on a number of key hero sites, including Waterloo motion and Liverpool City Centre. 

And this brand platform will allow us to build new campaigns over time to promote MoneySuperMarket and individual products and services that are all designed to help people Get Money Calm.

A new brand identity

We have also developed and launched a new visual, verbal and sonic identity for MoneySuperMarket, built on the Money Calm brand platform, that spans all consumer touchpoints.

The reality of launching a new brand identity across the product experience for a digital business like MoneySuperMarket is that it means months of consumer testing to minimise commercial risk. The colour of a call-to-action button, for example, requires multiple rounds of consumer testing. A process that has been carried out by the product and design team at MoneySuperMarket working closely with brand design and strategy experts from Engine.

Experience Design and Product Innovation

Collaboration with the Product team at MoneySuperMarket has been key to Engine since the start of our relationship with the brand. We were able to quickly audit key user journeys to recommend ways that they could be flexed to align with the promise of the new brand platform. And we were able to work closely with the Product and Design teams at MoneySuperMarket who had already been working on how the experience needed to develop. Bringing our expertise and understanding of the new brand platform together with their detailed knowledge of how users use the product and their expertise in redesigning and developing areas of the site.

This collaboration, and the partnership between strategic and creative leads at Engine with their counterparts at MoneySuperMarket, enabled us to quickly reach an initial plan for changes that could then be iterated and tested by the design teams at MoneySuperMarket.

Collaboration for launch and beyond

And this nature of collaboration - with MoneySuperMarket as well as other partners - has enabled us to deliver a new brand platform, visual and verbal identity, product experience and approach to communications strategy. It has also laid the foundations for things still to come - from data-driven campaigns to an evolving approach to CRM and new product development. As well as future creative campaigns to support the business as it continues to personalise ways for customers to alleviate sources of financial anxiety.

As Annie Gallimore, MD Engine Creative and Experience Design, commented about our relationship:

“A brand transformation of this scale has taken time and close collaboration with MoneySuperMarket, and this is just the beginning. It’s a real team effort that reflects the way that modern brand-agency relationships can work at their best.”

If you have made it this far (and haven’t yet seen the launch ad) you can watch it here.