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Royal Airforce Chatbot launched for National Apprenticeship Week

07TH MARCH 2019


This National Apprenticeship Week our RAF Apprenticeship Finder chatbot has been helping young people discover apprenticeship opportunities which suit their grades in the Royal Air Force.

Engine first tested a chatbot for the RAF two years ago, being the first armed force in the UK to engage an audience in this way. The simple yet effective design guides people through the options open to them based on their exam results. And we have relaunched it to coincide with National Apprenticeship Week.

Engaging Gen Z using chatbots makes total sense given current research and thinking on this audience:

· They got their first smartphone at the age of 12

· 52% of them say they spend over 3 hours a day using messaging apps

· 74.4% of them prefer to communicate digitally rather than in person

This audience is most comfortable in a messenger environment on a smartphone than they are calling up the RAF direct to explore their career options.

But Gen Z aren't alone in this, over half of the UK population expect brands to be present on Facebook messenger for customer care and product questions. We're seeing many brands, and even Government departments, using chatbots to deliver the right message in the right context at the right time.


Jack Cartwright, Social Strategist