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27TH JUNE 2016


We’re thrilled to announce that our Missing Type campaign for NHS Blood and Transplant was awarded a gold Health & Wellness Lion and a bronze Cyber Lion at last week’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, alongside WCRS’s ‘How is your body performing’ Campaign for Bupa, which won a bronze in Health.

Launched last June to coincide with National Blood Week, Missing Type was a ground-breaking behaviour change campaign that used a simple, visual creative idea to earn blanket national news coverage and create a powerful social media movement.

Tasked with recruiting new blood donors, particularly from the 17-24-year-old age group, after the latest statistics revealed the number of registrations had plummeted 40% in the past decade, Engine pulled together a bespoke team from creative agency WCRS and PR agency MHP to tackle the brief.

The result of this alchemy of disciplines was a fantastically simple, but strategically innovative idea: removing the letters A O and B from society to visualise the fall in blood donation and create a powerful call to action.

With WCRS’s idea, MHP planned, activated and created media content for an integrated campaign that illustrated the need for each of the blood groups, overseen by a blended leadership team from across Engine. The campaign saw the letters A, O and B go ‘missing’ for a week from Downing Street, The Daily Mirror’s masthead, and the social media profiles of the likes of Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and McDonald’s.

As a result, over the course of the week, over 30,000 new blood donors registered with NHS Blood and Transplant – equivalent to over 100,000 lives saved or improved.

Debbie Klein, Chief Executive, Engine Europe and Asia, said:

“This campaign proved that great creative work can do more than just change lives. It can save lives. We are so proud of the part we played in putting blood donations back on the public agenda. NHS Blood and Transplant needed a transformative idea after registrations had plummeted a staggering 40%. Our response was #MissingType."

“The simple creative idea of removing As, Os and Bs captured the public’s imagination and became a catalyst for tens of thousands of people registering to donate blood.”

Missing Type is now one of the most awarded campaigns in the UK of 2016 so far. Earlier this year it won the prestigious Paul Arden Award for Innovation at the Campaign Big Awards and was also recognised at the One Show, Creative Circle and D&AD.