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The Dinosaw November Edition



Welcome to the November 2018 edition of the Dinosaw… a selection of the most innovative, most interesting and most useful things we’ve seen this month. Yep, it’s monthly, so don’t forget to swing by next month too.

In this edition you’ll see:

- How to cheat at arcade games using your mobile phone.

- What skills you’ll need if you still want a job in 2020.

- Finally, a Snapchat feature aimed at cats.

- Tim Berners Lee sets out the vision for a better, more respectful internet.

The PDF is a taster with a pithy overview on each of these slides and a link to find out more. If you would like to experience a full-fat Dinosaw in person, just get in touch.

Enough talking, just download the PDF (4mb) to get started.


Dino Burbidge, Head of Technology and Innovation