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Engine Media launch honest & revealing digital training product

16TH APRIL 2018


Engine launch the most honest & revealing digital training product on the market, showing what it takes to win in today’s digital marketplace.

In the past, “digital advertising” was a simpler business; two parties (agency and publisher), one booking, one campaign; a simple and transparent transaction. Digital ads were bought and sold by human ad buyers and salespeople, who managed the entire process of media buying. Fast forward ten years, consumer behaviour shifts online and digital ad trading becomes too complex for humans alone to handle. The emergence of ‘programmatic’ trading has changed the entire digital ecosystem.

Delivering the right ad, to the right person, at the right time has always been the mantra of marketing communications - yet now we have technology that eliminates the problems of scale, time, and accuracy. This means lower costs for advertisers who, as a result, have invested ever-increasing portions of their marketing budgets into ‘digital’ year after year, often with little or no interrogation. In fact, advertisers love ad tech; forecasts predict the global programmatic market is heading towards an annual value of over £100 billion. So what’s the problem?

Demystifying the digital landscape

Advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with their customers effectively online. With a wide range of channels, targeting methods and tactics available, it’s no surprise that brands are drowning in a pool of digital strategies proposed to them by agencies, which have become increasingly technical and difficult to understand.

On top of this, the media supply chain has become overly complex. More and more ad tech companies are emerging onto the market who claim to be adding value, and while some certainly add value, understanding the supply chain and the contribution of ad tech is imperative for brands to make informed decisions about who they partner up with, in order to get the best return on their media investment.  

What do Brands need to do now?

The scale, opportunity and complexity associated with today’s digital market means it’s more important than ever for brands to understand the entire media buying process, which is no easy feat. Brands need objective, independent advice that can help guide and advise them through the new media world and more importantly, give them the insight and tools to challenge their agencies to get the best value for their investment.

To help understand this complex digital ecosystem, Engine Media has developed an interactive training session that is tailored to an advertiser’s specific business requirements. This training covers topics like ‘demystifying programmatic’, the art of great briefing, the science of social and ways to interpret data to maximise efficiencies.

 The digital training is designed to break through the nonsense and will be:
1) Practical and useful - the things you really need to know to maximise the return on your digital investment in the real world.
2) Based on the things our clients have said they really want to know, rather than the things the media market wants you to know.
3) An offering that covers the broad theory and the essential practice, with live digital demonstrations, ‘real world’ digital media plan analysis, and a complete best practice guide for interpreting digital reports and data

We’re extremely excited to offer this unique training product designed to get advertisers back in the driving seat. We’ve worked extremely hard to create something that is of true value to brands who feel like they are being left behind in a world of unnecessary digital jargon designed to confuse and complicate. We hope this training product triggers advertisers to challenge their agencies on current issues such as brand safety, ad fraud and viewability to get the best business outcomes from the digital campaigns that they run.

Digital Media Executive, Daniel Vandermolen

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