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05TH MARCH 2018


Today Engine London has released the latest two commercials in its high-profile “Made in the Royal Navy” recruitment campaign for The Royal Navy, aimed at showcasing the wealth of possibilities it offers female recruits and aspiring apprentices. The work was produced by Engine agencies WCRS and Trailer Park. 

Louise’s Story”, which launches online today and on television this week, demonstrates the sheer scale of opportunities available to female as well as male recruits, from flying a helicopter to driving a speed boat, fixing an engine, or running a warship as its Captain.

The biographical television commercial follows the story of Louise, a young woman whose experiences exemplify the possibilities a career in the Royal Navy can offer, regardless of gender. Its release comes three days ahead of International Women’s Day 2018.

A second commercial, “Modou’s story”, goes live online today on Royal Navy digital channels to mark National Apprenticeship Week. Focusing on the story of a young man who has pushed himself to personal and professional bests, including completing an apprenticeship within two years of joining, the film reveals what recruits can achieve through Royal Navy coaching.

The films are the latest evolution of the ‘Made in the Royal Navy’ campaign, which uses stories of personal development to communicate that in the Navy, it’s possible to become someone you never thought you’d be. Both films are based on the lives of real Royal Navy personnel and star real recruits.

“Louise’s Story” will be live on TV, VoD and Social until 25th March. The film was shot by director Greg Hackett through Trailer Park London and features an invigorating soundtrack, “Steady” by God Colony.

Also shot by Greg Hackett through Trailer Park London, “Modou’s Story” is online now and will also go live on TV and VoD from June.

Paul Colley, Head of Marketing at the Royal Navy said: “The Royal Navy prides itself on being an organisation in which individuals can reach their full potential, regardless of gender or background. Our latest ‘Made in the Royal Navy’ films show the wealth of opportunities that the Navy provides for all recruits.”

Orlando Warner, WCRS Creative Director said: “This brief presented a great opportunity to celebrate the Royal Navy as an equal opportunities employer and an organisation committed to the personal as well as professional development of its recruits. With the help of director Greg Hackett, we’ve created two emotional films that showcase the thrilling possibilities available to anyone joining the Royal Navy today.