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By definition, a gay man deciding to start his family via surrogacy is pure scientific disruption. And because that happens to be my personal life story, I think it’s fair to say that I’m a disruptor – in and outside of work.

I’ve always been different, by society's definition, but that didn’t stop me from pushing to live a “normal” life. I played football in high school, became an eagle scout before college, got married to the love of my life, and am expecting twins in the fall. And because of those things, and the positive response from my community, I find myself more inspired to share my story. And it’s that voice, and the voices of others in my community, that help shine light on alternative lifestyles and make being different more and more accepted by the masses.

The reality is, not all voices are represented equally in the media. When I decided to look into gay parenting advice, for example, I wasn’t able to find answers that felt tailored to me and the people that I know. That inspired me to start my own blog,, to provide others with a gay approach and perspective on becoming a parent.

This was in direct response to a void I felt was present in the online parenting space. It’s funny, because that’s exactly how we work at Deep Focus. We look at an industry and we determine consumers' desires. We then search for whitespaces and we fill the voids with relevant and authentic content that’s inspired directly by their needs. It’s corny to write, but my personal experience before Deep Focus made it possible to work in advertising and fight for niche voices. And my professional experience at Deep Focus made it possible for me to build and maintain a successful blog. The circle of life, I guess.   


Sean Zepps, Deep Focus