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22ND AUGUST 2017


Three nights before my wedding, I stayed up until sunrise—not to finish seating charts or floral arrangements, like a good bride would do, but to apply for the Shusterman Foundation’s inaugural REALITY Wellness trip, a journey that sent young entrepreneurs to Israel to explore the future of wellness. My work for Cassandra’s Body Mind Soul report had reignited my curiosity in the subject, and I felt drawn to deepen my knowledge by experiencing it through a new geopolitical lens. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, this decision would indelibly change my perspective on how to create opportunity. Since Engine's mission is to create opportunity—for clients, for colleagues, for the community at large—I wanted to share what I learned:

Creating opportunity is inconvenient. It’s disruptive to daily life. It involves putting yourself in uncomfortable situations at inopportune times—in my case, explaining to experts why I deserved a spot on a coveted trip when I should have been planning my wedding. But once you've created one opportunity, creating more becomes easier.

My journey with REALITY Wellness led me to the founders of Canvus, who we featured in Cassandra Daily and who invited me to meet with the Mexican Senate and the former First Lady and presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala, in Mexico City. There, I was able to put Cassandra’s global research into action. By leveraging our findings on shifting gender roles both in Mexico and at “A Call to Action Gender Equality” at the United Nations, I’ve been fortunate to extend our work beyond a business context and create opportunities for others by helping drive social change. It’s ultimately a value add for our clients, as these experiences continue to shape my perspective on global issues and help the incredible companies we work with stay ahead of cultural shifts in an increasingly connected global marketplace.

These opportunities would never have happened if someone hadn’t first offered me the chance to work at Cassandra, so I’d like to extend an invitation to my colleagues across Engine: If you’re interested in getting involved with Cassandra Daily or any of the organizations I mentioned, please reach out! I’d love to help you create new opportunities for yourself.


United Nations photo cred: Cole Giordano


Rachel Saunders, Cassandra