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6TH JULY 2017


The first meme that I ever created went viral. A Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars meme that intertwined two characters after a timely reveal. It was as if all the elements came together to make sure that I would fall into the world of fandoms. The joke I found funny was funny to tens of thousands of other people and made no sense to millions. Many people chase the millions and do so successfully. I do as well. However, the deeper opportunity for success is in the smaller opportunity. To build wins off of the passions that drive people to interact with a person, content, subject, anything. This builds these sub-communities where people can truly enjoy individually and communally at the same time to see if others share these slightly obscure feelings and ideas. My approach utilizes data and a bit of anthropology to understand how the individuals that make up these mighty groups interact and build relationships with their fandom. I suppose this makes me in the fandom of fandoms and brandoms. And, as paid social media lead for Engine Media, I enjoy putting that fandom to good use, uncovering new opportunities for our clients and - hopefully - inspiring new fans!


Jessica McGlory